Old Zion Lutheran Church

“For wherever two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them” Matthew 18:20 (KJV)
“Denn wo zwei oder drei in meinem Namen zusammenkommen, bin ich in ihrer Mitte” Matthäus 18:20 (Hoffnung für alle)

Old Zion Lutheran Church
A visual tour of Old Zion Lutheran Church, its sancutary, and its history

Old Zion Lutheran Church - exterior shot taken from the corner of Broad St and Mt. Vernon Street. Old Zion Lutheran Church was originally built as St. Matthew's English Lutheran Church in 1898.

Exterior - Mt Vernon Street.jpg

Side view of the exterior of the church, taken from Mt. Vernon Street.


The Altar of Old Zion Lutheran Church - as seen during the Christmas Season.

Altar Candales and Cross.jpg

The cross and candles on the altar

Interior - from Choir.jpg

Inside view of the Sanctuary, taken from the Choir area

Nave ceiling structure - from Altar.jpg

The nave vaulted ceiling, featuring beautiful woodwork including cherubs.

Baptismal Font 2.jpg

The Baptismal Font

Organ Console.jpg

The organ at Old Zion - a King and Sons (built in 1898 and renovated several times since) - the console pictured is a Mudler Hunter from the 1960's renovation.

Window 2 - Young Jesus in Synagogue.jpg

The Sanctuary features many beautiful stained glass windows - one of which is this example of a young Jesus in the Temple.

Fellowship Hall from Coffee Coral.jpg

The Felloship Hall

Hallway - between Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.jpg

The hallway between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, where many historical plaques are featured.

Church Bell - from Schoolhouse.jpg

The church bell which is heard rung prior to each service - originally hung in the Schoolhouse.

Historical Plaque - St Micahel and Zion.jpg

Plaque featuring the history of St. Michael and Zion Lutheran Church.